Irish Rapeseed Oil and Wild Flax Oil
from the Boyne Valley

Newgrange Gold is a family business located on the Rogers’ family farm that looks over the historic and beautiful Boyne Valley looking over the Boyne River at Crewbawn.
Started by John Rogers in 2010 and is now managed by his son, Jack Rogers.

Having watched Oilseed Rape grown on the Rogers’ family farm leaving in trailers to the local merchant, John saw an opportunity to create a brand that connected the rich and ancient soils of the
Boyne valley and the high-quality food produced there.

“Set on a hillside overlooking the River Boyne, with the ancient passage tomb at Knowth clearly visible and the top of the Newgrange tomb peeking up over the trees, Newgrange Gold farm is breathtakingly beautiful. Most of the crop that goes into the oil comes from fields that lie in the shadow of Newgrange, and all of it is sourced from the Boyne Valley. The oil itself is untouched and unadulterated – it’s cold-pressed oil and nothing more. Rapeseed oil is lower in saturated fats and has 10 times more omega 3 than olive oil. With a higher heat point than olive oil, rapeseed oil is great for cooking but really comes into its own as a salad dressing because it’s not heated”.

Georgina Campbell’s