This months guest recipe is by Alan Clarke Executive Chef for the Right Catering Company. Alan is a Native of Slane and his sister workers here with us. This beautiful presented dish, made using our smokey rapeseed oil, would make an excellent starter for an evening dinner party.



1 fresh fillet 200g Salmon from your local fishmonger
I packet of Fresh Edamame Beans
1 Mango diced finely
1 Steamed Beetroot diced finely
1 Cucumber cut into slices
1 packet Samphire Blanched & Seasoned
Oriel Mineral Salt
1 sprig dill
250ml pickling solution
Newgrange Gold Smoked Oil


For the cured salmon I would recommend working a day ahead to cure the salmon and have a nice firm consistency. Curing is very easy and can add a whole new element of consistency & flavour to the salmon. Simply cover the salmon fillet with the Oriel Salt and add some fresh dill to this. Leave overnight in the fridge and the next day wash the salt from the fillet and you should have a meaty firm texture to the salmon.

The cucumber needs to be thinly sliced and added to the pickling solution simply made of Vinegar , water ,Sugar and Salt. Add some herbs to this for another flavour if you wish. This can be done a day ahead and placed in the fridge.


  • Place the pickled beetroot onto the plate and garnish with blanched seasoned samphire.
  • Add a cube of cured salmon onto this and place the finely diced mango and beetroot on top.
  • Garnish with some edamame beans and a light drizzle of the Newgrange Gold Smoked oil
  • A drizzle of lemony Greek yoghurt will add a creamy texture to the finished dish.
  • Serve with a Sancerre and some homemade Guinness Treacle and Newgrange Camelina Oil bread .

 About Alan Clarke

Alan is a meath native and the son of a dairy farmer from the boyne valley outside Slane.He has been active on the Restaurant scene for the past number of years . Running the Forge Gallery in Collon , Battle of the Boyne and Farmleigh to name a few, were a chance to showcase and utilise some of the best products in the North East and Leinster region. He has cooked for many distinguished guests in the past such as Bill Clinton , Bill Gates , and royalty from the rock and stage world.

He has worked extensively abroad looking after Irish Distillers on their Global Conference in Lez Embiez and designed Menus for the Jameson Cult Film Club which is an institution.One of his proudest moments was representing Ireland in The International Chef Showcase in Kentucky. Recreating original irish dishes with a twist for the judges brought him in 2nd place against 14 other countries .He is currently Executive Chef for The Right Catering Company based in Ardee Co Louth.