A perfect way to enjoy your Easter this year with some lovely Irish lamb and roasted potatoes with a twist, it will keep the whole family happy and looking for seconds.


Serves 4


2x racks of lamb, trimmed

1tbs Newgrange gold rapeseed oil

2tbs dijon mustard



Herbed Crust:

2tbs Newgrange Gold Lemon and garden herb rapeseed oil

100g breadcrumbs

2tbs chopped parsley

2tbs chopped mixed herbs; thyme, rosemary, sage etc.

I/2 lemon zest

1 garlic clove


Crispy smashed new potatoes:

400g New potatoes

2tbs Newgrange Gold Lemon and garden herb rapeseed oil

2tbs Fresh Thyme


Optional side:

200g watercress



Preheat oven 180C


Begin by cooking the new potatoes for the crispy smashed and roasted new potatoes:

Bring a large saucepan of water to the boil and add the new potatoes along with some salt. Allow to simmer for 15-20min until cooked, check by ensuring a pointed knife can go through easily.

While the potatoes are cooking you can start to prepare the lamb and the crust;

To make the herb crust place all the ingredients and blend till combined, should be a nice vibrant green colour. You may need to add extra oil depending on how dry your bread crumbs are to help bring it together. Put to one side while you prepare the lamb.

Heat an ovenproof frying pan on the hob and add in a tbs of Newgrange gold rapeseed oil season your lamb rack with salt and pepper then add to the pan to brown. Ensure all sides have got a lovely caramel colour. Remove from the heat and cover the racks in the Dijon mustard until evenly coated.

Add the herbed crumb by packing it around the two racks with your hands, put on a roasting tin and place in the oven for 25 – 30min for medium-rare lamb and a golden crust.

Once you have placed your Lamb in the oven, drain the potatoes, shake off excess water and place on a baking tray, evenly laid out. Using a potato masher lightly smash the tops of each potato to flatten slightly. This will ensure you get more crispy bits when roasting (the best bits!) Top each potato with a drizzle of Newgrange Gold Lemon and garden herb rapeseed oil and some fresh thyme sprigs. Put in the oven and allow to roast along with the lamb for 15-20min.

Once the potatoes and lamb are ready to serve with a fresh watercress salad or salad of your choice, enjoy.