Newgrange Gold Chilli & Garlic Oil“I’ve been using Newgrange Gold now for a good few years, first coming across it when I was studying at Ballymaloe Cookery School.
While I was there I met one of my now closest friends Aoife Rogers who was quick to tell me all about her cousin’s oils and how I had to try them, it definitely didn’t disappoint when I did that’s for sure.

The Newgrange Gold Chilli & Garlic Rapeseed Oil has become an addiction of mine at this point drizzling it at any available opportunity, it’s scary how quickly I can get through a bottle.

I love making seasonal recipes, and with so many courgettes popping out of my garden at the moment I just had to make a cake! I am big believer in adding ingredients that will enhance the overall flavour and not just adding any old thing that’s why I chose the Newgrange Gold Rapeseed Oil as the flavor of the oil helps to bring out the earthiness of the courgette without overpowering it.

When I eat seasonally and shop and support local producers it makes me feel better about myself after eating all the cake!”
Clare Wilkinson

Clare Wilkinson is an Irish food stylist and photographer who excels in this business. You can follow Clare on Instagram at @claresfoodstories/

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