Meet the Team

From the beginnings of Newgrange Gold in 2010 when John Rogers pondered over whether there was a way to add value to the crops grown at the Newgrange farm……

Jack took over the reins at Newgrange Gold in September 2012 having been involved in the business a lot before that.

As John’s son, he was always interested in the business and actively helped his father from the start as they looked to develop a brand. He loves his fishing and will often be found wading around the river Boyne on summer evenings.

As a barrister, John Rogers loves the challenge of the work he is exposed to every day at the courts of Ireland.

As a farmer and owner of Newgrange Gold, he is always looking at new and innovative ways to add value to the crops, which are nurtured, and coaxes from the endlessly rich and fertile soil of Royal Meath.

Ian and Tommy are responsible for getting production off the ground here at Newgrange Gold. They built the entire production facility from scratch and the system they have developed is an incredibly efficient.

Ian, Tommy & Robert take care of the day-to-day production and are the back-bone of the Camelia Wildflax & Rapeseed Oil business.

See video below about Newgrange Gold Camelina & Rapeseed Oils