Rapeseed Oil Infused With Ahiflower 12 x 250ml


Unlock the synergy of essential fatty acids with our innovative Irish Rapeseed Oil with Ahiflower® Oil. Blending our cold-pressed Irish Rapeseed Oil with the regeneratively grown Ahiflower Oil, the result is an impeccably balanced source of Omega 3 and 6. Each 100ml of this oil delivers an impressive 17.1g of Omega 3, 15.7g of Omega 6, and 44.9g of Omega 9, making it a plant-based treasure for health conscious foodies.

With its delicately mild flavour with a slightly nutty finish, our Irish Rapeseed Oil with Ahiflower® Oil is perfect for low-temperature dishes like salad dressings and smoothies.


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250ml x 12 units, 250ml x 3 units, 250ml x 1 unit