Rapeseed Oil Infused With Turmeric Oil


Discover the exceptional benefits of turmeric with our Irish Rapeseed Oil with Turmeric. This remarkable infusion was born when Jack observed that his mother, Beth, was incorporating the golden spice into her diet to alleviate the discomfort of her severe hip arthritis. Blending our cold-pressed Irish Rapeseed Oil with Turmeric Oil, this vegan-friendly oil contains curcumin (approximately 0.16% per liter), a natural compound found in turmeric which is both a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

With its mild and versatile flavour, our Irish Rapeseed Oil with Turmeric is perfect for enhancing salad dressings, pestos, hummus, pasta as well as curries, oriental dishes and everyday cooking.

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250ml x 1, 250ml x 3, 250ml x 12