West Cork Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil



Newgrange Gold Irish rapeseed oil bespoke hand smoked by Gerald Kelleher of Olives West Cork using oak wood!

This collaboration developed because Gerald Kelleher of Olives West cork has been a great customer of Newgrange Gold over the years. We have long spoken about creating a product that linked the produce from our businesses and regions.

Ger is part of the Lisavairde Co-op in West Cork. He smokes all his products using locally sourced Oak wood.  His smoke house is also located right beside the birthplace of Michael Collins at Sam Cross.

Ger has created this bespoke hand smoked Irish rapeseed oil by placing the oil in his smoke room. He carefully stirs the Irish rapeseed oil every hour to turn it and allow the smoke to be captured by the oil. This creates a delicate smoked rapeseed oil, which is fabulous in a dressing, mayonnaise or with fish, to suggest just a few options. We hope you enjoy this uniquely delicious oil!

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250ml x 12 units, 250ml x 1 unit


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