During 2020, Newgrange Gold will be a destination on the Slane Food Tour, which is run by members of the Slane Food Circle (https://slanefoodcircle.ie/). This tour will take place on the first Sunday of every month from March to October, and will consist of visiting four Boyne Valley producers located in the vicinity of the village of Slane. These tours will aim to show visitors how these producers are making their products in a way that would be instantly recognisable to the people who occupied the ancient Boyne Valley over the past 5000 years. The equipment and techniques may be more sophisticated presently, but in essence the process is the exact same; all four producers are crafting modern food from ancient methods.

Slane Food Tour Map

These producers are:

Michael Finnegan Boyne Valley Cheese

Micheal Finnegan – Boyne Valley Cheese

Michael Finnegan Mullagha Farm – Boyne Valley Cheese

Michael produces award winning cheese under the brand Boyne Valley Cheese. He lives on a 16th century farm yard with some most beautiful yard buildings, and to add to this his farm is built in a medieval ring fort! Micheal produces his cheese from goats milk and milks his herd of goats on the farm. It is truly incredible to meet these inquisitive animals and then to samples the fruits of their and Micheal’s hard work.

The goats of Mullagh farm

The goats of Mullagha farm

The Cider Mill Stackallan house

Mark Jenkinson creates Ireland’s finest cider at his home in Stackallan. Here he uses an ancient & traditional method called Keeving to produced a very clean and champagne like cider. This is Ireland’s only Keeved cider, and it is named after a very special Irish apple that was believed to have disappeared. If you talk to Mark, he is sure he has found it again; his story is fascinating, and provides you with an appreciation for the history Irish cider has both at home and in Europe.

Mark Jenkinson - The cider Mill

Mark Jenkinson of the Cider Mill in his cider orchard

The cider Mill's cockagee Keeved cider

The cider Mill’s cockagee Keeved cider

Newgrange Gold – Jack Rogers

At Newgrange Gold you will be shown a spectacular view over the river Boyne. Looking out towards Knowth and Newgrange on a clear day you can see the Dublin mountains. The tour will show you how oilseed rape and Camelina sativa seeds are pressed to produce two very unique & healthy oils; there will be an opportunity to taste the various types and flavours of oil. You will learn about the Neolithic landscape; the medieval promontory fort on their premises; the history past and present of Crewbane house and the farm it sits on.

Jack Rogers of Newgrange Gold on the Farm at Crewbane House

View from Newgrange Gold over the bend in the Boyne

Rock Farm Slane – Carina Conyngham

Carina runs an organic farm and gold certified eco-tourism business which has been a pioneer in the region for this type of destination tourism. You will experience the free range & organically reared pigs, chickens and turkeys on the farm and see how Rock Farm produce organic vegetables. The farm is also home to the famous straw house, which is made of straw bales!! The tour will also take in views of historic Slane castle; the various eco huts and tents on the site; and a jackobite camp from the Battle of the Boyne. While at rock farm the tour guests will get a platter of flat breads.

Carina & Turkeys

Carina Conyngham of Rock Farm (left) – organic farm and eco- tourism destination

Organic and free range pigs at Rock farm

If you wish to book your tour visit https://slanefoodcircle.ie/tour/food-tour/.