The Process

Newgrange Gold strives to provide high quality healthy oils at a reasonable price. We also aim to increase the production of native oil seed in Ireland and create new markets for Irish farmers at home and abroad.

From Seed to Seedling to Flower

Oilseed Rape starts off as just a small black seed. The seed contains oil which is extracted from the seed to produce rapeseed oil. A bright yellow flower is produced from just a green and pollination is helped by pollen beetles and bees.

Crop Growth

Camelina can grow up to 1m tall. The stems are branched, smooth or with only sparse hair near their base. The leaves of the camelina plants are arrow-shaped, 50mm to 90mm long with smooth edges. The crop produces many small, pale yellow or greenish-yellow flowers with 4 petals. Fruits are pear shaped pods with a squared off tip. The pod eventually changes from green to brown and the seed inside turns from green to reddish brown. When the pod turns light brown in colour (like straw) and the seed changes to black/brown colour, the plant at Newgrange Gold is ready for harvesting. The oil is later extracted from this seed.

Tilling & Harvesting

Our combine harvester separates the seed from the pod at harvesting time. Oil is then extracted from the seed. The combine harvester chops the remaining plant before spreading it over the field. This acts to increase the organic matter in the soil.

Cold Pressing, Filtering, Bottling & Labelling

All Newgrange Gold Oils are cold-pressed. This means the seeds are crushed using mechanical force. There is no other treatment other than filtering after this. The oils are therefore considered to be virgin and maintain a lot of their natural health benefits.

Filtering involves filtering out any unwanted particles of seed from the crushing process. The filtering process does not remove any of the nutritional benefits from the oil.

Once our Newgrange Gold Camelina Wildflax Oil and Irish Rapeseed Oils are filtered, the oils are stored for a short period and then bottled and labelled for sales.